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Sharon Hallon

Culpeper People: Men and Women Who Made History inthe First 250 Years of Culpeper County by Gregory Kurt Glassner, 1999. Includes brief biographies of 10 men and women significant in the history of CulpeperCounty and a chapter each on the Culpeper Minute Man and volunteer firemen of Culpeper County. Book contains information on the following individuals: Lord Culpeper, George Washington, William Wirt, Extra Billy Smith, Dr. Philip Slaughter, Ambrose Powell Hill, Edith"Jack" Stearns-Gray, Raleigh Travers Green, Eppa Rixey, and Ruby Harrison Beck.

Historic Culpeper by Culpeper Historical Society, Inc., 1974. This is a history of homes and other significant buildings in the county. It includes a name index, which may allow genealogists to find out about a family home or business. No biographical information beyond this.
Genealogical and Historical Notes on Culpeper County, Virginia.  Embracing a Revised and Enlarged Edition of Dr. Philip Slaughter's History of St. Mark's Parish, 1900, Compiled by Raleigh Travers Green. Parts 1 and 2.  Reprinted 1989,  by the Culepper Historical Society, Culpeper, Virginia.

Early Churches of Culpeper County, Virginia: Colonial and Ante-Bellum Congregations, 1987. Edited by Arthur Dicken Thomas, Jr., Ph.D., and Angus McDonald Green with photographs by William Edmund Barrett. Reprinted by the Culepper Historical Society, Culpeper, Virginia.

Culpeper, A Birginia County's History Through 1920, 1920, by Eugene M. Scheel. Reprinted 1982  by the Culepper Historical Society, Culpeper, Virginia.
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