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Downtown Culpeper
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The Colvin Family History by Lonnie Deaton

The Norman's of Culpeper County by Nellie Virginia Norman, 1972

John Brown Families of Culpeper County

BROYLES/BRILES Web Page - AYLOR, SNYDER, TANNER, & CARPENTER, all families of the Germanna II Settlement.

Paschal Early Bible Records

Henry Family Bible Records

Earl J. Hitt's Home Page

The Hitt List Website
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Kilby Families Homepage
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Searching For Family (Includes Hitt)

Steve Norman's Culpeper Family Pages

Peyton Family
George Peyton and his son, George Peyton, Jr. lived in Culpeper in the 18th century. George Peyton, Sr. was married to Nancy Peyton, daughter of John Peyton, also of Culpeper. And George, Jr's wife, was Nancy Guinn, also of Culpeper.

Rebecca's Rector Home Page

Vaughan Family

Daisy's Zimmerman Roots
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McDonald Family Roots

Deb Koplen's Family Page - Richards, Pemberton, Newby, Humphries, etc. Almost anyone who lived in and around Richardsville.

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