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Downtown Culpeper
Genealogical and historical notes on Culpeper County, Virginia. Embracing a rev. and enl. ed. of Philip Slaughter's History of St. Mark's Parish.   by Green, Raleigh Travers, 1872- Slaughter, Philip, 1808-1890. History of St. Mark's Parish, Culpeper County, Virginia, 1964. online book

Genealogical and historical notes on Culpeper County, Virginia.
by Green, Raleigh Travers, 1872- [from old catalog] Slaughter, Philip, 1808-1890. History of St. Mark's Parish, Culpeper County, Virginia. [from old catalog]  Published 1900   online book

Report of the Culpeper, Virginia, Monument Commission of Pennsylvania.
by Pennsylvania. Culpeper, Virginia, Monument Commission, 1914.

Early churches of Culpeper County, Virginia : colonial and ante-bellum congregations / edited by Arthur Dicken Thomas, Jr. and Angus McDonald Green ; with photographs by William Edmund Barrett.   limited online search only

William Booton (1712-1787) of Culpeper County, Virginia, and his descendants / compiled by Diane Dieterle, 1996. limited online search

Reverend Daniel Brown of Culpeper County, Virginia, and allied families: Webster, Finnell, McCain, Pembertononline book

The Dawkins and Stewart families of Virginia and Kentuckyonline book

The Robertson family of Culpeper County, Virginia.
By: Dorman, John Frederick. Published: (1981)   online book

Ancestors & descendants of Thomas Sims of Culpeper County, Virginia, Edmund Butler of Virginia and Kentucky with allied families & other Culpeper data.   online book


Charles SMITH b. 15 April 1735 in Orange Co., VA, d. Oct 26, 1821 in Harrison Co., KY, buried Stony Castle Farm, Harrison Co., KY
m. Martha JONES ca 1757, VA
John SMITH, b. 2 Feb 1759, Orange Co, VA  d. 22 Aug 1832, Harrison Co, KY; m. Ann PORTER on 28 Aug 1788 Culpeper Co., VA
Mildred SMITH b. 19 May 1760; d 27 May 1817, Mason Co., KY; buried Lawrence Creek
Charles SMITH JR. b. 24 Jan 1762; d. 1 Sep 1823 Christian Co., KY; m. Elizabeth Mosby, 26 dec 1786, Clark Co., KY
Mary SMITH b. 14 June 1764, d. 1824 KY; m. William CLARKSON 12 June 1781, Albemarle Co., VA;
    Ch. Nancy CLARKSON, Patsy Jones CLARKSON, Mildred SMITH Clarkson, Charles Smith CLARKSON,
    Julius Mattock CLARKSON & Elijah Smith CLARKSON,
Hawkins SMITH b. 12 Nov 1766; d. 1841 Palmyra, Marion Co., MO; m. Elizabeth SHROPSHIRE, 2 Aug 1799
Elijah SMITH b. 14 July 1769, d. 22 FEB 1828 in Natchez,Adams,Mississippi
Patsy SMITH b. 18 Jan 1772, d. May 1783 in Bourbon Co., KY
Phoebe SMITH b. b. 1774, VA  d. 16 Jan 1861, Dade Co, MO m. David CLARKSON 13 July 1790 Bourbon Co., KY;
    Ch. Nancy CLARKSON, Patsy CLARKSON, Marie CLARKSON, David Smith CLARKSON, Anselm CLARKSON,
    James Jones CLARKSON, & Isaac S. CLARKSON
Benjamin SMITH b. ca 1775 m. Nancy CLARKSON 25 Mar 1791;
Nathan SMITH b. 10 Mar 1776, d. 30 Oct 1850 Boone Co., KY; m. Fannie KENDRICK 8 Nov 1810 Bourbon Co., KY
George SMITH b. 1 Oct 1778, d. 22 JUN 1813 in ,Harrison,Kentucky; m. Mary Field 3 Jan 1892, Bourbon Co., KY


John Henry Stringfellow, born in Culpeper Co., VA, 1819.  See biography.

1900 Census  St. Joseph Ward S., Buchanan Co., MO
502 12th Street
John H. Stringfellow    Head  WM  Nov  1819  80 M 53 VA  VA  VA  O  F  H
    Ophelia J.  Wife  WF  July  1828  71  M 53  11/4  TN  VA VA
    John H.  Son  WM  Jan  1861  38  S  VA  Commercial traveler Garm machinery
    William E.  Son  WM  Sept  1868  31  S  VA  lawyer
Dodds, Helen  Servant  WF  Mch.  1871  29  S  Canada (Em 1899) Servant

1880 Census  St. Joseph Ward S., Buchanan Co., MO
502 12th Street
John H. Stringfellow    Head  WM 60  VA  Physician
    Ophelia J.  51  TN  GA  VA
    Horace  Son  WM  20 S  VA  Bookkeeper
    John H.  Son  WM  19  S  VA  Clerk in Store
    Wm. E.  Son  WM  12   VA  In school
    Alice  Daughter-in-Law  WF  22 Wd  MO  Clerk in Store
    Frank  Grandson  WM  1  MO
Brown, Minnie  WF  14 S  MO b. 1966 Germany
Page, W.H.  WM  25 S  Nebraska  Journalist

1970  Census  Falls Church, Fairfax Co., VA  6 July  1870
220/217  Stringfellow, John 50  WM  Physician  value Real Property $2500, Personal Property $100  b. VA
    Ophelia  41  WF  Keeping House  TN
    Robert  23  WM  Clerk in Express Office  MO
    Benjamin  17  WM  At home  MO  Attended School within the Year
    Joseph T.  13  MO
    Koran  10  VA  Cannot write (check mark on deaf, dumb, blind, insane or idiotic)
    John Henry  9  VA
    William  1  VA
Cass, Lewis  14  BM  Domestic Servant  KS  Cannot write  (check mark on deaf, dumb, blind, insane or idiotic)

1850  Carroll Co., MO   14 Sep  1850
222/222  Stringfellow, John H.  WM  30  Physician  Property value  $600 VA
    Ophelia  21  WF  TN
    Robert E. 3 MO
    Mary E.  4/12  MO
    Annie  Simmons  14  WF  MO

1850  Carroll Co., MO Slave Census   10 Sep  1850
    John H. Stringfellow
        1 28 yr old BF
        1 8 yr  old  BF
        1 5 yr old  BF
        1 2 yr old BM

07 July 1846
Cole, MO
John Henry Stringfellow m. Ophelia  Simmons
"Missouri, Marriages  1750-1920"

Missouri Death Certificates: 
Ophelia J. Stringfellow 
b. July 26, 1828 in Murphrysboro, TN
d.  21 Sept 1912 following complications of fractured hip
buried:  Mt. Mora Cem.
Father:  Dr. E. Q. Simmons, b. Virginia
Mother:  Elizabeth Edwards, b. VA
Death informant:  Wm. E. Stringfellow, 632 N. 24th, St. Jospeh, MO

Children & Grandchildren  (from Death Certs):

Robert R. Stringfellow
b. June 1, 1847  Brunswick, MO
Occupation: Floor walker, retail dry goods
d.  May 7,  1937  St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., MO
Wife:  Mary R. Stringfellow
Residence:  on Barton Rd.
Cause of death: Stroke

Granddaughter:  Elizabeth Dunham Stringfellow
b. 9 Oct 1918 St. Joseph, MO
d. Oct 16, 1935  St. Joseph, MO
Father  John H. Stringfellow, b. Culpeper Co., VA
Mother:  Esther Dunham,, b. KS
Burial:  Mr. Mora

Daughter-in-Law:  Eleanor Frances Aylesbury Stringfellow
b. 14 July 1860 
Residence:  103 Victoria Court, St. Joseph MO
Wife of Horace Stringfellow
Father:  Thomas Aylesbury, b. England
Mother:  Harriett Hill, b. England
d.  14 Apr  1947
Burial:  Mr. Mora  Cem.

William E. Stringfellow
b. Sept 1, 1868, Richmond, VA
Occupation:  Attorney, Stringfellow & Garvey, Attys.
Residence:  503 North 5th, St. Joseph, MO
d.  17 Apr. 1948 ruptured appendix, Mo. Methodist Hosp.
Wife:  Elizabeth Turner, divorced
Veteran:  Major, Spanish American War
Burial:  Mr. Mora

Daughter-in-Law:  Esther Blanche Stringfellow
b.  3/6/1874
Residence:  2022 Jules St., St. Joseph, MO
Wife of John Henry Stringfellow
Parents:  unknown
d. 4/9/1949  Fracture of hip
Burial:  Mr. Mora  Cem.

Horace Stringfellow
b. Aug 11, 1859  Culpeper Courthouse, VA
Residence:  Victoria  Court Apartments
Father  John Henry Streingfellow
Mother Ophelia Simmons
Wife: Eleanor Aylesburg Stringfellow, dec'd
d. Nov 30, 1949  Broncho Pneumonia
Burial:  Mt. Mora Cem.

John Henry Stringfellow, Jr.
b. Jan 17, 1861
Father  John Henry Streingfellow
Mother Ophelia Simmons
Wife:  Esther Blanche Stringfellow
d. 23 Jan 1950  St. Joseph, MO
Burial:  Mt. Mora Cem.

Robert H. Stringfellow
Children of Franklin Stringfellow

Waggener Family

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John Waggener b. 1643  Probably England
    d. 12 Feb 1714 or 1715 South Farnham Parish, Essex Co., VA
    m. before 1670, Rachel WARD (~1653-1718)

Herbert Waggener b. ~1676 in South Farnham Parish, Essex Co., VA
    d. before 2 Aug 1743 in South Farnham Parish, Essex Co., VA
    m. Elizabeth Jayne GARRETT or GARNETT, who died before 1771

James Herbert Waggener  b. before 1730 in Essex Co., VA
    d. Apr 18, 1803 in Culpeper Co., VA
    m. Ann JONES on December 08, 1747

Herbert Green Waggener b. 15 Apr 1768
    d. 29 Jul 1834 KY, cholera or typhoid (variously reported)
    m 1st: Nancy WILLIS on 10 Jun 1787 Culpeper Co., VA
    m 2nd: Elizabeth RAY BEST on 27 Jul 1827, Hardin Co., KY

JAMES HERBERT3 WAGGENER (HERBERT2, JOHN1) was born before 1730  in South Farnham Parish, Essex Co., Virginia to Herbert Waggener and Elizabeth Jayne GARNETT or GARRETT, and died Apr 18, 1803 in Culpeper Co., Virginia. He married Ann JONES December 08, 1747 in Spotsylvania, Virginia, daughter of James JONES and Mary SHARP (not positive of the Sharp). Ann was born Abt. 1730 in Spotslvania Co., Virginia, and died Apr. 1816 probably in Culpeper Co., Virginia. The Waggener family lived near the confluence of the Rapidan and Robinson rivers in Culpeper County, and were closely associated with the Garnett and Willis families.

John Waggener
James Herbert's grandfather, John Waggener was thought to have been born in England about 1643 and arrived in Virginia before 1666 (found in the Swem Library Reference section at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, "Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Patents and Grants", Nugent, Vol. 2, 1666-1695, pub Virginia State Library, Richmond, VA 1977: p. 116: "COL. THO. GUTTERIDGE, 4626 acs., Rappa. Co., on S. side sd. River; 4 Oct. 1672, p. 424. 2876 acs. Granted Thomas Goldman, 4 Apr. 1667, & sould to sd. Gutteridge; 550 acs., adj. This & land of Graves; & Mr.Beverley; by Rappa. Indian Path neer the Pocoson; &c; due for trans.of  93 pers: (Note: Others not named.) Rchd. Hall, Robt. Rite, Geo.Flint, Elizabeth Baker, Jno. Wagoner, _____ Morgan & his wife, Robt. Shereman, Wm. Peeters, ____ Marsy, Jno. Collins.")  John Waggener subsequently served his indenture, probably as a tailor or tailor's apprentice, and purchased land in South Farnham Parish, Essex County, VA where he owned land and spent his life with his wife Rachel Ward. From Tyler's Quarterly Virginia Families, Vol. 2:  In Old Rappahannock Rec. 1663-68, p. 34, John Waggener witnessed a deed from Thomas Goodrich, dated July 7, 1666, and on January 20, 1668/69 (Old Rappahannock Rec. 1668-72, p. 73) he purchased land. (This would seem to indicate they arrived in America at least 4-5 years before 1670.)  In 1670, as John Waggener tailor he leased from Richard White and Audrey his wife for 99 years 130 acres the consideration being 2,600 lbs. Tob. and "one valuable pair of gloves to her the said Aubrey in hand paid". with a yearly rent of one capon.

Herbert Waggener
Herbert Waggener was probably the 7th child of John and Rachel. He likely lived his entire life in Essex County, VA, Herbert was likely married to his 2nd wife when he died in 1843 at probably about 60 plus years. He left several children still at home. From Rick Waggener: From Lawrence A. Waggener, "The Waggener Trace", He left his plantation to his wife Elizabeth Jayne (Garnett or Garrett) for her lifetime, then to his eldest son John, but leaving all else to be divided among his children (after his wife's death).  His sons Thomas and Edmund became soldiers, younger daughters Elizabeth and Sophia never married, and the remainder of the children, Reuben and Greensby, moved west.

James Herbert Waggener
James Herbert left Essex County, probably after his father died in 1743. He and his brother John both bought land in Spotsylvania County around 1750.  (Crozier's Spotsylvania County Record, p. 206). About 1746 or 1747, in Spotsylvania County, James Herbert married Ann Jones, daughter of James Jones of Spotsylvania (Crozier's Spotsylvania Record, p. 32). By 1771, James Herbert and Ann had moved to Culpeper County, where James Herbert resided until he died. Ann probably continued to live there. There is an existing letter written from one of her daughters in VA informing the KY families of her death. 1743: Under the Will of his Father, Herbert WAGGENER, he received as follows: "after my beloved wife Elizabeth's Decease, all my Negroes and their increase, and all my personal Estate, Goods, Chattles whatsoever, I do give to be equally divided among all my children whose particular Names I shall have Mention Viz Ann GREENHILL Mary EVANS, wife of John EVANS, James-Herbert, Elizabeth, Thomas, Sophia, Granvile [Greensby ?], Reuben and Edmond WAGGONER.  And further my will and desire is that all my youngest children shall be brought up out of my estate and to have Sufficient Education by my Executors."

Spotsylvania County Records, Deed Book D-1742-1751. A deed dated March 4, 1744, between "George Cook and Sarah, his wife, of St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., to Joseph ALLEN of South farnham Par., Essex Co." One of the witnesses listed is James WAGGONER.

Spotsylvania County Records, Deed Book D- 1742-1751. November 15, 1744. Edward Coleman and Lucrea his wife, of St. George Parish Spotsylvania Co., Va., to Samuel WAGGONER of Essex Co., and South Farnham Parish, 12 Pounds, 100 acres in St. George Parish, Spotsylvania Co., Va.  Witnessed by: James WAGGONER. Joseph Reynolds, Kerenhappuch Reeves. February 5, 1744. (Lucrectia WAGGENER Coleman, was James' 1st cousin, daughter of Samuel WAGGENER, Sr. and Christinia PRICE. Samuel WAGGENER Jr was her brother and also James' 1st cousin. )

Spotsylvania County Records, Deed Book D- 1742-1750. Erasmus Wethers ALLEN of St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., to James WAGGONER of same Par. and county. L30 curr. 300 a. in Spts. Co. Nathaniel x Allen, Thomas x Allen. May 1, 1750.  Sarah, wife of Erasmus Wethers ALLEN, acknowledged her dower, etc. (Erasmus Wethers ALLEN is James' 1st cousin, son of Margaret WAGGENER and William ALLEN, Jr.)

From Rick WAGGENER: From "A Book of Garretts" by Hester Elizabeth
Garrett:  James' will was proved on April 18, 1803, according to the
Culpeper County Will Records. Listed in the will are children:
Richard WAGGENER, James Jones WAGGENER, Thomas WAGGENER, John
WAGGENER, and Ann WAGGENER. From Tyler's Quarterly, Genealogy of
Virginia Families, Vol 2:  James Herbert left Essex County and bought
land in Spotsylvania County around 1750.

By 1771, James Herbert and Ann had moved to Culpeper County. That would be the last year of the French and Indian War, so a logical time to have moved. The hostilities had ended by then, though the War officially went on for another year.

James Herbert WAGGONER of Culpeper Co., VA, supplied goods to the Revolutionary soldiers as follows:
Nov. 1781 for 20 bu wheat
Nov. 1781 for 300# beef for Jerome Rosson
Oct. 1781 for 600# beef.
"Virginia Publick Claims, Culpeper Co, VA", compiled and transcribed by Janice L. Abercrombie and Richard Slatten, pgs 34-36 (source, Patricia M. (Martin) Bryson, DAR app 1994 (CAR #749241-Add-756).

From 1782 Personal Property Tax List from Culpeper County: "James WAGGONER" is listed with 1 white male over 21, 6 slaves (named: George, Jude, Ben, Jos, Delphy, and Sarah), 7 horses, 19 cattle, and he paid taxes of 4 pounds, 8 shillings, and 9 pence. His son James Jones WAGGENER seems to be listed with a John Williams Jun., who he apparently is working for.

From 1783 Personal Property Tax List:"James WAGGONER" is listed with 1 white male over 21, 6 slaves (same names as above), 7 horses, 19 cattle, and he paid taxes of 4 pounds, 8 shillings, and 9 pence. His son James Jones WAGGENER is again listed with John Williams Jr.

From the 1785 Culpeper Personal Property Tax List: "James WAGGONER" is listed with 2 white males over 21, 1 white male under 21, 4 slaves over 16, 6 slaves under 16, 8 horses, 16 cattle, 12 number of heads tythable, and he paid a tax of 7 pounds.

From 1786 Culpeper Personal Property Tax List: "James WAGGONER" is listed with 2 white males over 21, 5 slaves over 16, 7 slaves under 16, 7 horses, 16 cattle, 7 heads tythable, and he paid taxes of 7 pounds, and 18 shillings.

From 1787 Culpeper Personal Property Tax List: "James WAGGONER" is listed with 1 white male over 21, 4 black males over 16, 7 black males under 16, 8 horses, and 16 cattle. His son James has a separate listing under "James Jones WAGGONER."

From 1789 Culpeper Personal Property Tax List: "James WAGGENER Senr" is listed with 2 white males over 21, 4 black males over 21, 7 horses, 6 tithables, and he paid a tax of 2 pounds and 14 shillings. It appears that the amount of property James owned, was significantly reduced from 2-3 years earlier. Perhaps he had dispersed it already to his heirs, or perhaps he suffered some sort of economic losses. He had written his will in August of 1788. His son James Jones has a separate listing under "James WAGGENER."

From 1790 Culpeper Personal Property Tax List: "James WAGGENER" is listed with 2 white males over 16, 4 black males over 16, 1 black males under 16, 1 black male under 16, 5 horses, 6 tithables, and he paid a tax of 3 pounds. His son James is also listed as "James WAGGENER."

From 1791 Culpeper Personal Property Tax List: "James WAGGENER, Senr" is listed with 2 white males over 16, 4 black males over 16, 1 black male under 16, 6 horses, 6 tithables, and paid taxes of 3 pounds and 2 shillings. His son James is listed as "James J. WAGGENER."

From 1792 Culpeper Personal Property Tax List: "James WAGGENER Snr" is listed with 2 white males over 16, 4 black males over 16, 1 black male under 16, 6 horses, 6 tithable, and paid taxes of 4 pounds 2 shillings.

From 1793 Culpeper Personal Property Tax List: "James WAGENER" is listed with 2 white males over 16, 4 black males over 16, 3 black males under 16, 6 horses, 6 tithable, and paid taxes of 4 pounds 2 shillings. His son James is listed as
"James J. WAGENER."

From 1794 Culpeper Personal Property Tax List: "James WAGGONER" is listed with 1 white male over 16, 5 black males over 16, 3 black males under 16, 5 horses, and 5 tithables. His son James is listed as "James J. WAGGONER."

From 1795 Culpeper Personal Property Tax List : "James WAGGONER" is listed with 2 white males over 16, 6 black males over 16, 3 black males under 16, 8 horses, and 8 tithable. His son James is listed as "James J. WAGGONER." This is apparently the last year James Herbert WAGGENER is listed. As noted below, this is the year that he and Ann made their property over to their son John, and the next year, he turned around and paid 300 pounds to what must have been his surviving siblings.

In 1795, James and Ann made over to their son John the 150 acres on which they lived (Culpeper Deed Book "S", p. 169). The next year(Culpeper Deed Book "S", p. 483), for L300 current money he mortgaged to Richard WAGGENER of Kentucky, James Jones WAGGENER of Culpeper, Thomas WAGGENER of Madison County, Herbert Green WAGGENER of Culpeper, and Ambrose Jones and John White, both of Madison County, all tract of land of 150 acres lying in Culpeper on which the said John WAGGENER now resides with the agreement that John may pay or cause to be paid to Richard and the other mortgages the L300 for which he gave bond on February 26, 1796, "on or before the death of James WAGGENER the elder of Culpeper County", in default of payment the mortgages may legally possess the property.

In 1795, James Sr. and Wife were grantors to Sute, Dan EVANS Book S? page 320.

In his will dated August 28, 1788, and proved April 18, 1803 (Culpeper Will Book "D", p. 437), James bequeathed to his wife Ann all his estate both real and personal for her widowhood, at her death or marriage it was to be equally divided among his children: Richard, James, Thomas, John, and Ann WAGGENER. He appointed his sons, Richard, James, and Thomas as Executors. The witnesses were Robert GARNETT, Beverly Bradley, and William Willis. (James Herbert's son Richard WAGGENER and grandson-in-law, Beverly Bradley, had already moved to Kentucky by the time James Herbert died in 1803.) Herbert Green WAGGENER was left out of the Will, maybe indicating that he had already been given his share?

Children of James Herbert WAGGENER & Ann Jones:

1    Richard WAGGENER:  b. December 18, 1748 in Spotsylvania Co., VA; d. January 1818 in Barren Co., KY; m. Catherine "Caty" GAINES, October 12, 1773 in St. Marks Parish, Orange Co., VA, daughter of Henry Gaines and Ann George. Richard was probably the first of the children to move to KY, perhaps going with the Travelling Church.

2    Elizabeth WAGGENER b. Feb 12, 1750 or 51, d. unknown

3    Mary "Molly" WAGGENER b. January 02, 1754 in Spotsylvania Co., VA, d. 1839.  M  Ambrose JONES (1745-1812) on June 25, 1784 in Culpeper Co., VA, son of Henry Jones (possibly of Stafford Co., VA)

4    Lucy WAGGENER b. April 10, 1756, d. unknown; m. John WHITE March 25, 1790 in Culpeper Co., VA.  There was a John White in Adair Co., KY, the same time as Herbert Green WAGGENER and also active in the same Church. Could be Lucy and husband.

5    James Jones WAGGENER, b. May 06, 1758 in Spotsylvania Co., VA, d. 1821 in KY. James m. Elizabeth A. GARNETT, on October 04, 1786 in Culpeper Co., VA, dau of Robert "Robin" GARNETT (1736-1830) and Lucy Towles STOKELEY.

6    Nancy WAGGENER b. 1760-1761; d unknown

7    Thomas T. WAGGENER b. November 15, 1762 in Spotsylvania Co., VA, d. October 06, 1842 in Christian Co., KY, m. Mary GARNETT (1764-1737), on October 04, 1789 in Culpeper Co., VA, dau of Robert "Robin" GARNETT (1736-1830) and Lucy Towles STOKELEY. Thomas was probably named for his Uncle and brother of James Herbert WAGGENER, who died about that time. Thomas was a Sgt in the Revolution and received a pension.

8    John WAGGENER b. March 08, 1765 in VA, d. June 14, 1830 Adair Co., KY.  John m. Sarah "Sally" GARNETT b. 1763 in VA) about Mar 1785 in VA, dau of Robert "Robin" GARNETT (1736-1830) and Lucy Towles STOKELEY.  John was also very active in the Baptist Church with Herbert Green WAGGENER.

9    Herbert Green WAGGENER (see below)

10  Ann WAGGENER b. October 03, 1771, d. unknown, m. John HUGHES on October 15, 1785 in Culpeper Co., VA.

Family Group Sheet

HUSBAND:     Herbert Green WAGGENER Sr.     
    Birth:     15 Apr 1768                Culpeper Co., VA
    Marriage 1:     10 Jun 1787        VA
    Moved:     Oct-Dec 1804          Culpeper Co, VA to Adair Co, KY
    Baptist Preacher:     1805          Zion Baptist Ch, Adair Co., KY
    Marriage 2:     27 Jul 1827         KY
    Rec'd by letter:    28 Jan 1828   Into Gilead Baptist Church, Glendale, Hardin Co., KY
    Death:     29 Jul 1834                KY: Cholera/Typhoid (source: Spencer's "History of Kentucky Baptists")
    Father:     James Herbert WAGGENER     
    Mother:    Ann JONES     
1st WIFE:     Nancy WILLIS     
    Birth:        1770                         Culpeper Co, VA
    Marriage:     10 Jun 1787           VA
    Death:     06 Sep 1822               Adair Co, KY
    Father:     William WILLIS, Sr.     
    Mother:    Elizabeth "Betsy" GARNETT     
2nd WIFE:     Eleanor RAY BEST    
    bir:     08 May 1786                  Anne Arundel Co, MD
    mar 1:     January 27, 1817        Washington Co., KY           
    mar 2:     27 Jul 1827                 Hardin Co, KY
    bur:     1849                              Red Mills Cem, Hardin Co, KY
    dea:     23 Aug 1849                  likely Hardin Co, KY
    Father:       Joseph RAY    
    Mother:     Mary (or Martha) SHECKLES    
    1st husband:     Josiah E. BEST

CHILDREN with Nancy (Willis) WAGGENER
     1    |     Name:        Elizabeth Nancy WAGGENER      
     F    |     Bir:            1788                       Culpeper Co, VA
           |     Dea:           17 Sep 1791            Culpeper Co, VA
    2     |     Name:        Frances "Fanny" WAGGENER      
     F    |     bir:            11 Sep 1789            Culpeper Co, VA
           |     mar:           03 Sep 1806            Adair Co, KY
           |     to:             Alexander MILLER      
           |     dea:            unknown
    3     |     Name:        Alexander WAGGENER Sr.      
     M   |     bir:            24 Dec 1791            Culpeper Co, VA
           |     mar:          10 Mar 1814            Adair Co, KY
           |     to:             Cassandra SMITH      
           |     dea:           03 Apr 1861            Peaksville, Clark Co, MO

    4     |     Name:        William Willis WAGGENER  Sr.      
     M   |     bir:            1792            Culpeper Co, VA
           |     mar:           06 Mar 1812            Adair Co, KY
           |     to:              Maria or Mary GARNETT      
           |     mar:           17 May 1842            Adair Co, KY
           |     to:              Matilda EDRINGTON   
    5     |     Name:        Herbert Green WAGGENER Jr.      
     M   |     bir:            11 Apr 1794            Culpeper Co, VA
           |     mar:           07 Nov 1811            Green Co, KY
           |     to:              Elizabeth CARLILE
    6     |     Name:        Willis WAGGENER      
     M   |     bir:             1796            Culpeper Co,
           |     dea:            Sep 1817            KY

    7     |     Name:        Burgess WAGGENER      
     M   |     bir:            25 Feb 1798            Culpeper Co., VA
           |     mar:           01 May 1819            Green Co, KY
           |     to:             Nancy SHIPP      
           |     1820:         Census            Adair Co, KY
           |     dea:           19 Oct 1880            Bloomington, Monroe Co, IN
           |     bur:           22 Oct 1880            Roshell Cem, Bloomington, Monroe Co., IN

    8     |     Name:        Sally "Peachy" WAGGENER      
     F    |     bir:            1799            Culpeper Co, VA
           |     mar:           22 Dec 1817            Adair Co, KY
           |     to:             Anthony DAVIS
     9     |     Name:        Albert Gallatin WAGGENER      
     M    |     bir:            13 Aug 1801            Culpeper Co, VA
            |     mar:                  
            |     to:             Lockie Vail CHRISMAN      
            |     dea:            31 Dec 1880    Burkesville, Cumberland Co, KY
    10    |     Name:        John Calvin WAGGENER, Sr.      
     M   |     bir:             1803            Culpeper Co., Virginia
           |     mar:            28 Feb 1824            Bullitsburg, Boone Co, KY
           |     to:              Matilda WILLIS      
           |     mar:           29 Sep 1840            Lewis Co, MO
           |     to:              Elizabeth Ann Kidwell ODELL      
           |     mar:            24 May 1866            Lewis Co, MO
           |     to:               Paulina C. NEWNAM      
           |     dea:            1867            Canton, Lewis Co, MO
    11   |     Name:        Simeon Green WAGGENER      
     M  |     bir:             31 Jan 1806            near Columbia, Adair Co., KY
          |     mar:            03 Feb 1825            (bond) Adair Co., KY
          |     to:              Elizabeth LOY
          |    mar:             20 Oct 1841                                    Adair Co., KY
          |     to:               Rachel MCCLISTER      
          |     dea:            26 Nov 1885            Lewis Co., MO
          |     bur:            28 Nov 1885            Waggener Cem., Lewis Co., MO
    12   |     Name:        Nancy WAGGENER      
     F   |     bir:            1808            Adair Co, KY
          |     dea:           20 Aug 1809            Adair Co, KY
    13   |     Name:        James Madison WAGGENER      
     M  |     bir:             23 Dec 1810            Adair Co, KY
          |     mar:            28 Oct 1830            Hardin Co, KY
          |     to:              Gillead "Gilly" Caroline SHEPARD      
          |     mar:            02 Apr 1865            Lewis Co, MO
          |     to:              Catherine Jane STRIPE      
          |     dea:            22 Dec 1903           

    14  |     Name:        Elizabeth Ann WAGGENER      
     F   |     bir:            09 Jan 1813            Kentucky
          |     mar:           26 Nov 1829            Hardin Co, KY
          |     to:             Walter David BRISCOE      
          |     dea:           20 Jun 1864            Lewis Co, MO


     1   |     Name:        Nancy Elizabeth Ray Willis WAGGENER      
     F  |     bir:             1829            Hardin Co., KY
         |     mar:            17 Sep 1850            Hardin Co., KY
         |     to:               John J. JEFFRIES (3/17/1810 - 3/7/1868)
         |     dea:             probably before 1860     

     2  |     Name:        Samuel WAGGENER      
    M  |     bir:            08 Aug 1831            Hardin Co, KY
         |     mar:           about 1851            probably Hardin Co, KY
         |     to:              Lois Ann YATES      
         |     dea:           1862           
         |     bur:           1862            Red Mills Cem., Hardin Co, KY

[NOTE: 4th Saturday in August 1833: A letter of dismission was granted to HGW and his wife provided they should move. Also HGW and 3 others to be sent with a letter to the Salem Association. (Gilead Baptist Church DAR Records.)  HGW and his wife were not listed on the 1834 Personal Property Records in Hardin Co., KY; however, from time to time he continued to perform marriages there. They either continued to live there or it was part of his circuit.  He had, for many years, visited a number of churches every year.  On 20 June 1834, HGW performed his final marriage in Hardin Co, and perhaps ever, when he marries Joshua F. Doney and Angeline Hilton, Wm F. Hilton consents. HGW's name was spelled "H.G. Waggonner", as if someone else may have signed the record for him after he was ill or had died.  (From KY Hardin Co Marriages 1793-1862. LDS Microfilm # 0390788.)  His place of death is unknown as is his burial place. He may have been transported back to Adair Co., KY, to his home cemetery. Eleanor Ray Best Waggener was buried in Red Mill Cem., Hardin Co., KY. Her son Samuel was buried next to her after his 1862 death, and also his wife Lois Ann YATES WAGGENER HOWSLEY, who died in 1912.]


15 April 1768   Herbert Green Waggener was born to James Herbert and Ann (Jones) Waggener, probably in Spotsylvania County, VA. (DAR Bible Records of Waggener Family). Within three years, his parents, James and Ann (Jones) Waggener, moved to Culpeper Co, VA, where they purchased property on the Rapidan River.

2 November 1785   Herbert G. Waggener (then eighteen years old), John Waggoner, Reuben Waggoner, William Willis, John Ingram, Thomas Garnett, Samuel Dogan and others petition the Virginia State legislature against an assessment bill. "Early Virginia Religious Petitions", online image from Culpeper Co., VA found at:     originals held by the Univ. Virginia Library.

10 June 1787 Herbert G. Waggener and Nancy Willis married in Culpeper Co, VA. DAR Bible Records of Waggener Family. Nancy was a daughter of William and Elizabeth "Betsy" (Garnett) Willis. William and Betsy's land was on the east side of Herbert G. Waggener's father's land, and the Garnett family holdings were on the west side, on the horseshoe bend of the Rapidan, about where Orange, Madison and south Culpeper Counties meet. William Willis is thought to be the son of John Willis and Elizabeth Plunkett, and is thought to have received bounty land on Dick's River in Lincoln Co, KY, for services in the Revolutionary War but there were a number of William Willises in the area, and no firm link has been made. Betsy's father Anthony Garnett b. Essex Co, VA, and a vestryman in St. Mark's Parish, an officer during the French and Indian War, and later even served as a recruiter during the American Revolution. (DAR). Before his death, he owned 1,000 acres on the Rapidan River, known as Horseshoe Farm. Betsy's mother was Elizabeth Jones, eldest daughter to Robert Jones, who served as Burgess of Essex County in 1726, and was the widow of John Boulware (or Bowler). Anthony and Betsy Garnett lived in St. Ann's Parish in Essex County, VA, before moving to Culpeper Co, VA, about 1741. Source Rick Waggener.   [William and Betsy (Garnett) Willis appear to have sold off their Culpeper Co, VA, land holdings and moved to KY about 1805. He is said to have died in Boone Co, KY, 1833 and she in KY 4 January 1835. Source Unknown.]
13 March 1788 Elizabeth Nancy Waggener, daughter of Herbert G. Waggener and Nancy born. Elizabeth Nancy died two years later. DAR Bible Records of Waggener Family

11 September 1789 Frances "Fanny" Waggener was born to Herbert G. Waggener and Nancy. DAR Bible Records of Waggener Family. An Adair County, KY, marriage bond gives: "Alexander Miller and Fanny Waggener, dau. of Herbert G. Waggener, 3 Sep. 1806". Source Carol Moody

24 December 1790 Alexander Waggener was born, eldest son of Herbert G. Waggener and Nancy). DAR Bible Records of Waggener Family.  Alexander married Cassandra Smith in Adair Co, KY. Herbert Green Waggener performed the ceremony. See the Adair County Marriage Book. About 1825, having lost everything in the Panic of about 1820, Alexander and Cassandra moved to Pike Co, MO, later moving to Lewis Co, MO. Alexander died in Clark Co, MO, 03 APR 1861. Source, Rick Waggener.

1790 Culpeper Co Personal Property Tax List   
Harburt G. Waggener    1 white tithable; - Blacks > 16; 1 black 12-16; 1 tithable  0.12 Tax
Herbert G. Waggener is listed after William Willis (his father-in-law) and before his father. If taken in order, it is likely Herbert G. Waggener and his family were living on the land of one parent or the other.
1791 Culpeper Personal Property Tax List
Herbert G. Waggener    1 white tithable; - Blacks > 16; 1 Black 12-16; 3 horse; 1 tithable    -.16

17 September 1791 Elizabeth Nancy Waggener b. 1788, daughter of Herbert G. Waggener and Nancy: died ~2 years old. DAR Bible Records of Waggener Family

1792 Culpeper Personal Property Tax List
May 24 Harbut G. Waggener    1 white tithable; 2 Blacks >16; - Blacks 12-16; 3 horses    3
3 tithables; tax 1.6

26 September 1792 William Willis Waggener, Herbert G. Waggener & Nancy's son, born. DAR Bible Records of Waggener Family. William married 06 March 1812 Maria Garnett, daughter of Oliver and Frances (Wetherall) Garnett in Adair Co, KY. Adair Co, KY, loose marriage bonds on a high shelf of the Courthouse, Columbia, KY. After the death of Maria, William married 17 May 1842 Matilda Edrington, Adair Co, KY.

1793 Culpeper Personal Property Tax List
Herbert G. Wagener    1 white tithable; 0 Blacks >16; 0 Blacks 12-16; 2 horses; 1 tithable; tax 0.4
[Note: Herbert G. Waggener may have had a bad year or, more likely, he had hired his Blacks out to work, so was not charged with them for the year.]

11 April 1794 Herbert Green Waggener, Jr., born of Herbert G. Waggener & Nancy. DAR Bible Records of Waggener Family. Herbert G. Waggener, Jr., m. Elizabeth Carlile in Green Co, KY.  Waggoner, Herbert G. to Carlile, Elizabeth, cons his f, Herbert G. Sr., cons her f, James, 7 Nov. 1811", Marriages: Green Co., Ky. Marriages 1793-1836 Book A. Later, about 1828, Herbert G. Waggener Jr & Elizabeth Carlile Waggener were founding members of the Columbia Baptist Church, Adair Co, KY, and Herbert G. Waggener Jr. attended the Russell Creek Association meetings in the early 1830's. The Herbert G. Waggoner who was with the  4th  Regiment (Ewing's), Mounted, Kentucky Vols. War of 1812 was probably Herbert G. Waggener Jr.

1794 Culpeper Personal Property Tax List                               
Mar 11      Herbert G. Wagonner  1 white tithable; 1 Black >16; - Blacks 12-16; 4 horses; 2 tithable

1795 Culpeper Personal Property Tax List
Apr 1     Herbert Waggener  1 white tithable; 2 blacks >16; - blacks 12-16; 5 horses; 3 tithables

19 April 1796 Willis Waggener son of Herbert G. Waggener & Nancy born.  Willis died in September 1817. DAR Bible Records of Waggener Family.

August 1795: Heaving rains throughout the area lead to a flood that comes down through Culpeper County. "Fredericksburg. August 4. Great damage has been done in counties of Culpeper, Orange etc, among the mills and mill dams many of which have been entirely swept away by this late flood." From Virginia Herald and Fredericksburg Advertiser, Tuesday, Sept. 1 (or 13), 1795. #447

In 1795, James Herbert and Ann (Jones) Waggener transferred to their son John the 150 acres in Culpeper County, on which they lived (Culpeper Deed Book "S", p. 169). In February 26, 1796 for "three hundred pounds current money" son John mortgaged this 150 acre tract of land to "Richard Waggener of Kentucky, James Jones Waggener of Culpepper, Thomas Waggener of Madison County, Herbert Green Waggener of Culpepper, and Ambrose Jones and John White, both of Madison County." (Ambrose Jones was the husband of daughter Mary Waggener, and John White was the husband of daughter Lucy Waggener.) The indenture further describes the tract of land as "on which the said John Waggener now resides," and mentions "on or before the death of James Waggener the elder of Culpeper County," (Culpeper Deed Book "S", p. 483). The indenture describes the tract of land in Culpeper County as "bounded by the lands of William Morton, Samuel Dogan, and Robert Garnett and the Rapidan River." This Robert Garnett, who also witnessed James Herbert's will and its subsequent proving, is the father of Elizabeth, Sally, and Mary Garnett; the three Garnett sisters who married 3 Waggener brothers, James Jones, Thomas, and John Waggener, respectively.

1796 Culpeper Personal Property Tax List
May 29 Herbert G. Waggener     1 white tithable; 1 black >16; - blacks 12-16; 4 horses; 2 tithable
[Note: Herbert G. Waggener seems to have lost ground economically this year, perhaps due to the flood.]

1797 Culpeper Personal Property Tax List
May 28 Herbert G. Wagenor    1 white tithable; 2 blacks >16; - blacks 12-16; 4 horses; 3 tithables

25 February 1798 Burgess Waggener son of Herbert G. Waggener & Nancy born. DAR Bible Records of Waggener Family.  Burgess m. 01 May 1819 Nancy Shipp, in Green Co, KY. Listed among Kentucky marriages prior to 1850. Nancy was a daughter of Richard Shipp IV and Mary Copeland who were m. 1789 Culpeper Co, VA. Richard Shipp IV was a messenger from Pitman Meetinghouse to the Russell's Creek Association for many years. (Pioneer Baptist Church Records from South Central Kentucky).  Burgess and his wife died in IN, he in 1880, she in 1866. Rick Waggener.

17 September 1798: Herbert G. Waggener purchases106 acres of land in two parcels from Joseph Wilkins for $700. Culpeper Co, VA Deed Book U, p. 68, LDS Microfilm 0030950. This land was slightly north and east of their parents lands, and up on the side of Piney Mountain on Cabin Creek.

1798 Culpeper Personal Property Tax List
10 April:  Herbert G. Waggener 1 white tithable; 2 blacks >16; - blacks 12-16; 4 horses;
3 tithables Amount of Tax 1.6

14 July 1799 Peachy [Sarah] Waggener, daughter of Herbert G. Waggener & Nancy, born. DAR Bible Records of Waggener Family. Peachy m. 12-22-1817 Anthony Davis and was listed on the marriage bond dated 11 Dec. 1817 as dau of Herbert Green Waggoner, attest Alex William and Burris Waggoner. Carol Moody.

1799 Culpeper Personal Property Tax List
Herbert Wagener 1white tithable; 2 blacks >16; - blacks 12-16; 2 horses; 3 tithable; tax 1.12

1800 Culpeper Personal Property Tax List
Herbert G. Wagener 1wh tithable; 3 blacks >16; - blacks 12-16; 3 horses; 4 tithables; tax 1.68

14 August 1801 Albert Galatin Waggener, a son of Herbert G. Waggener & Nancy born. DAR Bible Records of Waggener Family.  The Albert Gallatin after whom this child was named was a famous Swiss-American politician who was the head of the U.S. Treasury under Thomas Jefferson. Albert Galatin Waggener m. Lockie V. Chrisman and  lived in Cumberland Co, KY, for most of their lives. Albert served as the Cumberland County Sheriff during the period 1845-1847, and again in 1858. He also served as Justice of the Peace during 1874. Their son James M. Waggener of Co. "J" 1st Ky. Cav. Vol., died at Bean's Station in the War Between the States (Lockie applied 29 Jan. 1872 for pension appl# 201490, Cert 308144); and their daughter Nancy's husband Robert R. Parrish died after being captured while serving in the same unit. Her widow's pension was granted under Cert # 66,105.

1801 Culpeper Personal Property Tax List
Harbert G. Waggoner    2 white tithables; 3 blacks >16; - Blacks 12-16; 5 horses;
5 tithable; tax amount 1.92    [Note: Herbert G. Waggener may have a white hired hand}

In 1802 there were 744 tythables in Adair County, KY between 1802 and 1806 the 10' x 10' jail was built with pillory and stocks (probably on the town square of the newly surveyed and laid out county seat of Columbia. Early Columbia by Ruth Paull Burdette, self-published, no date.

1802 Culpeper Personal Property Tax List
    Harbert G. Waggenor    1 white tithable; 3 Blacks >16; - blacks 12-16; 5 horses;
4 tithables; tax amount 1.92

18 April 1803 James Herbert Waggener (Herbert G. Waggener's father) died in Culpeper Co, VA Source, probate of Will. In his will dated August 28, 1788, and proved April 18, 1803 (Culpeper Will Book "D", p. 437), James bequeathed to his wife Ann all his estate both real and personal for her widowhood, at her death or marriage it was to be equally divided among his children: Richard, James, Thomas, John, and Ann Waggener. He appointed his sons, Richard, James, and Thomas as Executors. The witnesses were Robert Garnett, Beverly Bradley, and William Willis. William Willis was the father of Herbert G. Waggener's wife, Nancy (Willis) Waggener. James Herbert's son Richard Waggener and grandson-in-law, Beverly Bradley, had already moved to Kentucky by the time James Herbert died in 1803. Herbert G. Waggener and three of his sisters were not mentioned in the Will, having apparently received their portions earlier. A Mr. Trist Wood of New Orleans had in his possession, several letters from his ancestor, Richard Waggener, Herbert G. Waggener's eldest brother. One of the letters is dated September 28, 1809, and written by "Mrs. Lucy White, (Herbert G. Waggener's sister Lucy) of Madison Co., Virginia," to her brother Richard in Barren co., Kentucky. She wrote, "I ad no more but remain your affectionate sister, Lucy White. Johnny White with the rest of the family joyns me with respects to you and your family family. Mother sends her love to you all."  This letter shows that Lucy's mother Ann (Jones) Waggener apparently went to live with Lucy and John White in Madison County, VA, after the death of her husband James Herbert Waggener. Rick Waggener.

8 July 1803 John Calvin Waggener was born to Herbert G. Waggener & Nancy. DAR Bible Records of Waggener Family. John C. m. 1st 28 February 1824 Matilda Willis in Boone Co, KY; 2nd 29 September 1840 Elizabeth Ann (Kidwell) Odell in Lewis Co, MO; and 3rd 24 MAY 1866 Pauline C. Newman, Lewis Co, MO. He died in 1867 in Lewis Co, MO, having fathered 11 children.

10 Oct. 1804 Herbert G. Waggoner purchased for $2,000. from Robert Patton of Fredericksburg, VA and Ann Gorden his wife their 1/3 interest in a tract in Adair Co on Glenns or Russells Creek containing 667 acres beginning on the main west fork of Glenns Creek being the same tract purchased by Robert Patton, Rich's Hackley and John Lee from James Garnett and others. Adair County Kentucky Deed Abstracts, Books A and B, 1802-1811 by Michael C. Watson p. 13, Book A p. 277. [Note: It was over two years before the deed was actually honored and recorded.]

16 Oct. 1804: Herbert G. Waggoner: Sold the Culpeper Co. VA land where they lived Z 55 1805 to Robert Patton, 443 acres for $1420. The land is partly that Herbert G. Waggener purchased from Hawkins, but part he also purchased from James Somerville, which deed is not in the index of Culpeper Co VA deeds. The property was adjoining the lands of William Robertson, John Jamison, Peter Hansbrough and James Somerville on the south side of Cabin Branch and west side of  Piney Mountain. That places him about 4 miles NNE of James Waggener Sr's original Culpeper land.

16 October 1804 Herbert G. Waggener sold 100 acres to his brother-in-law Benjamin Willis for $100. Culpeper County Deed Book AA page 247.  [Note: when Willis tried to record the sale in April 1805, Herbert G. Waggener was not around.

10 Oct. 1804: John and his wife Sally (Garnett) Waggener sold 2 parcels of land in Culpeper Co. to Robert Patton for $1104.  Culpeper Co VA Deed Book: AA 93 [Note: the land was John's and what had been his father's, which was on the Rapidan River adjoining the Lands of Robert Garnett, Lovell Dogan and William Midlaw, conveyed to John by his father and mother, James and Ann (Jones) Waggener 6 May 1795 consisting of 186 acres. The Graveyard was excepted. The other parcel contained 63.75 acres and adjoined the lands of Robert Garnett, William Willis, and Reuben Garnett.]
18 October 1804: Jeremiah Ingram (husband of Nancy (Willis) Waggener's sister Sarah "Sally") sells for $ 5304 440 acres of land in purchased in three parcels to Reuben Garnett (Nancy's great uncle). Culpeper Co, VA Deed Book U, p. 68, LDS Microfilm 0030950.

18 October 1804 Edmund Terrill (Willis (Nancy (Willis) Waggener's brother) sells 476 acres of land for $5600 to his brother Alexander "Sandy" Willis. Culpeper Co Deed Book AA, p. 254.
18 October 1804: Nathaniel Welch of Madison Co, VA to Edmund Willis of Culpeper Co, VA "but now removed to the State of Kentucky"[at time recorded?] 1000 acres in Adair, Caney Fork of Russels Creek: Witnesses: John Wagoner, Oliver G. Wagoner, Hurbert G. Wagoner and Jere. Ingram. [From Adair County Kentucky Deed Abstracts, Books A and B, 1802-1811 by Michael C. Watson p. 13]

7 January 1805, Monday: Adair County Court Orders, p. 141: Herbert G. Waggener makes his first action as a Justice of the Adair County KY Court. "On the mo[tion] of Hubbard Green Waggoner, It is Ordered that Jesse White Chisley Coffey James Miller and J. Nathan Elloon or any three of them being first sworn and reviewed blaze out and report the nearest and best way for a road from this place to intersect the road leading from Campbells ferry to Lincoln City to the next Court and that all further proceedings had on a former report So be held for naught. [Note: this, together with the Nathaniel Welch deed above which indicates that Edmund was gone, argues that the families traveled to Kentucky immediately upon selling their land. The trip was only about 6 weeks or so by then. This would also indicate that Herbert G. Waggener was a court justice by  Jan. 1805 and had probably visited Adair Co, KY, earlier in the year before selling his Culpeper Co, VA, land and purchasing land in Adair Co, KY.]

1805 Tax List for Adair Co, KY [none of the following showed land listed]
                                      white  white  black   Total    #   
                                      >21    16-21   >16     blacks  horses     Carriage
1805 Wagner, Herbert:      1         -         4        14          5                1
1805 Wagner, John:          1         1         2         4          4
1805 Ingram, Jeremiah      1         2         9        17          5
1805 Ingram, John            1         -         1          3          1
1805 Willis, Edmund         
[Note: Herbert G. Waggener's slaves may have been two families with children? Did he bring the carriage with him from Culpeper Co, VA?]

Tuesday, 11 June 1805: Herbert G. Waggener has an advertisement in the Kentucky Gazette, Vol. XVIII, Number 978, "about a claim for land on Glen's fork of Russel's Creek entered by Alexander Dick, now belonging to Robert Pattern, Richard Hackley and John Lee." From The Kentucky Gazette, 1801-1920, Genealogical and Historical Abstracts, by Karen Mauer Green, Gateway Press, Baltimore, 1985.

The Baptist Faith in their Lives

     The Crooked Run Baptist Church, organized in 1772, was the first Baptist Church in Culpeper County and was the "daughter" of the Blue Run Baptist Church begun in Orange County two years earlier by Elijah Craig. Craig was a brother to Lewis Craig who, along with others, led the now famous Travelling Church to Kentucky.

     Elijah Craig led the Crooked Run Church for the first year or two while James Garnett, who had donated the land, prepared to become ordained. Thereafter, until his death in 1830, James Garnett preached and baptized in the name of his God. Garnett's preaching ability was "not of a high order, but the purity of his life, and the fervor of his appeals to the unconverted . . . made a deep impression on those who heard him." 

     James' father, Anthony Garnett, was the family patriarch who had moved to Horshoe Farm in the 1730's, where the Robinson and Rapidan Rivers meet in what subsequently became Culpeper County. The Waggeners lived east of the Garnetts, with shared property lines, and east of the Waggeners, lived the Willis family.

     As will become obvious, the three families intermarried frequently, producing a tangle of close relationships which probably included baptism into the Baptist faith for most. 

     This was the world in which Herbert Green Waggener and his wife Nancy lived just after the turn of the 18th Century. Both in their late thirties, with eight children, they had a 443 acre farm in Culpeper County which stretched from Cabin Branch in an area called the Flats, to the side of Piney Mountain (about a third of a mile from the Rapidan River), and another 100 acres nearby. Although apparently comfortably situated, with all of the joys of close family living nearby and with two more sons born after 1801 bringing the number of children to 10 by 1804, they sold their land and moved to Adair County, Kentucky, arriving in May 1805. 

     Herbert, his brother John, and their respective wives, Nancy Willis Waggener and Sarah "Sally" Garnett Waggener, who were first cousins, had never lived more than two miles from the Rapidan River, nor, for that matter, from one another.  Herbert and John's father died in 1803, leaving a Will that he had written nearly 10 years earlier before giving his land to his son John, who had worked both his farm and their adjoining farm. John had then obligated himself to his brothers and sisters' husbands, promising to pay them $50 each prior to their father's death, as their share in the land. 

     Earlier, however, Herbert and John must have been exposed to the Baptist faith. Nancy's uncle, James Garnett, would have seen to that. When, in 1799, Nancy's brother, Isaac Terrill Willis accepted the Baptist faith and was baptized into the Crooked Run Church,   Herbert and Nancy must have been present. Perhaps, in fact, all of them attended the Baptist Church from an early age, were baptized as adults, and became more fervent in their faith as time went on.
Assuming, for a moment that Herbert and Nancy wished for Herbert to become a Preacher, they must have considered carefully all the options open to them. No doubt they shared their conversion or strengthening of faith with Herbert's elder sister Lucy and her husband John White, who were living in Adair County, Kentucky. Surely, Lucy and John wrote them about the opportunities for a young Baptist preacher right there in Adair County where a new Church named Zion was being formed near the Glens Fork of Russell Creek. No doubt they explained how that Church did not already have a pastor and wanted one badly. John was attended the Russell's Creek Association of Baptists first meeting in 1804 as a Messenger from Zion Baptist Church. Surely, eager to share their religious zeal and bring family members to their community, Lucy and John White told of the richness of the land and how cattle grew fat and tender there on the Mississippi plateaus. Such attempts at chain migration were common. In this case, it worked.

    The Baptist beginnings in Virginia were difficult, but even the difficulties seemed to draw many to the faith. In a time when the ideals of religious freedom were being fought for in the Revolutionary War against England, the Baptist faith was flourishing in Virginia. The existing hierarchy, however, objected. Itinerant Baptist preachers like Lewis and Elijah Craig, were thrown into jail for preaching without a license. Yet, getting a license was made very difficult. The following account was made of Craig's imprisonment in Culpeper County after the sheriff arrested Craig while Craig was ploughing and brought before the magistrates:
"They, without hearing arguments pro, or con, ordered him to jail. At court he was with others arraigned. One of the lawyers told the court, they had better discharge them, for that oppressing them, would advance rather than retard them. He said, that they were like a bed of camomile, the more they were trod, the more they would spread.  The court thought otherwise, and determined to imprison themů. Mr. Craig says that they were fed on Rye bread and water to the injury of their health. After staying there one month, preaching to all who came, he gave bond for good behavior, and came out."

    James Garnett's church was named for the nearby stream, Crooked Run, where baptisms took place. As Nancy's brother Isaac Terrill Willis had been baptized into the Church, so had other family members. Herbert's eldest brother Richard's wife Catherine "Caty" Gaines Waggener, was a charter member of the Great Crossings Church, begun at Great Crossings, Scott County, Kentucky, in 1785.   She and Richard were thereafter received into the Dripping Springs Baptist Church by letter when the family moved to Barren County, Kentucky. Caty was a charter member in 1798 when the church was formed while Richard was received in 1801 (and almost immediately cited for "bad conduct and did not attend").  

     Such early Baptist beginnings within both Herbert and Nancy's families, must surely have influenced them early to join the Baptist Church and attend the service with their families. Family was such a strong force in their lives.

     Another strong indication that Herbert and Nancy were devout Baptists prior to leaving Virginia, is the fact that we will find Herbert attending the September 1805 meeting of the Russell's Creek Association of Baptists as a Messenger from the Zion Church.  Such attendance speaks strongly for his conversion in Virginia, though additional research is needed to confirm that.

     Earlier persecution of the Baptists was likely not easily be forgiven and forgotten, especially when the magistrates were much the same after the Revolutionary War as before. So, as the number of Baptists increased, with the Hedgeman's River/Jefferston Baptist Church had started in 1773, Bethe Baptist Church in 1803, Gourdvine Baptist Church in 179, Mt. Poney Baptist Church in 1774,   there must have been have been conflicts. Even though they were no longer persecuted and their preachers no longer thrown in jail, the majority in Culpeper was still disdainful of them and their children. The Baptists were thought to be mostly poor and ill educated. They must have longed for a better place where their religion was less in the minority. Still, as a compulsion to leave the place where they had spent most of their lives, family influence and a desire for more religious tolerance can only be a part. The slow death of the land must have influenced them as well.

     I believe that there was still at least one more ingredient: the Jeffersonian Democratic Republican vision As their deepening interest in religious life must have influenced Herbert G. and Nancy to name one of their sons John Calvin Waggener, I do not believe that it was by chance that they named their fifth and eighth sons Albert Galliton and James Madison Waggener.   Galliton and Madison were strong proponents of the Jeffersonian ideals of expansion, liberalism, and anti-federalism. Gallaton strongly supported the Federalist move against the Alien and Sedition Acts, an isolationist tactic, and for a balanced federal budget. He was perhaps the most influencial politician of his day after Jefferson and Madison. Like Calvin, Gallaton was born in Geneva. This kept Galliton from rising to the Presidency himself. Gallaton County in Kentucky was formed in 1799 and named for him. Madison, of course, lived just across the River from the Garnetts, Willises, and Waggeners, and supported the ideals of the Jeffersonian Republic.

     Perhaps, some of the timing of their move was related to the excitement of the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition begun in 1804. In any case, Herbert's desire to become a Baptist Preacher, freedom from religious persecution, family tales of fertile land, and the increasing failure of Virginia lands, on 8 October 1804, Herbert Green Waggener sold the 443 acres on which he and his family lived in Culpeper County. Herbert received $1404 in cash for his land, plus a one third interest in 2,000 acres on Glens Fork where it branched from Russell's Creek in Adair County, Kentucky. He did the land swap-purchase with Robert Patton who was married to Ann Gordon, probably a relative of Nancy. Herbert also sold 100 additional acres to Benjamin Willis, Nancy's uncle. In total, Herbert received $1504 for this land to pursue becoming a Baptist Minister in KY 

    In total, the four families had $13,512 for their provisioning and land purchases in Kentucky. Incidentally, none of the wives were present in court when the documents were recorded, and the magistrates were required to travel to interview them as to their willingness to give up their dower in the lands. 

     That totals 48 whites and 53 blacks, mostly children. Herbert and John each had ten children then, Edmund had 9. In addition, Jeremiah's brother John may have traveled with them adding 3 slaves. They also had at least 20 horses and may have sold some upon arrival, or used oxen to pull some of the wagons. They also probably brought cattle, chickens, and other farm animals with them as well as food for themselves, the livestock, and seed. They may also have brought hogs, which cannot be driven. The logistics of such a move must have been mind-boggling. Just feeding a group that large would be a round the clock effort. I also suspect, since Herbert had a carriage, that he brought his mother.

    By 1805, though, the Cumberland trail was legitimately a road, though probably muddy at times. Still, with ruts and rivers to cross, plus the animals to drive and maintain, it must have been an amazing effort for both whites and blacks. The blacks, especially, may not have been in family groups and may have had to say goodbye to family members that they would likely never see again.

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